What Are the Causes of Skin to Age?

What Are the Causes of Skin to Age?

Skin requires a lot of care and a healthy environment for fresh-looking, clean and glowing skin. Skin demands a lot of care for good looks. Care can be in either form depending upon the body and hormonal factors with growing age. A healthy diet is one of the main key ingredients for good looks and glowing skin, drinking a lot of water, using some of the home remedies, sensitive skin demands a different kind of care.

There are other factors also like photoaging, pollution, fatty tissue between skin and muscle, stress, obesity, sleep position, restlessness, daily facial movement.

Skin aging depends on many factors like lifestyle, heredity problems, diet, some personal habits like smoking. The skin has damaged cells, premature wrinkles, etc.

Skin Changes and Problems

  • Because of elastic tissue skin becomes loose and starts hanging.
  • Rough skin or dry skin, some people have oily skin.
  • Loss of fat in face start giving the skeletal appearance.
  • People who have lost their teeth especially old age people their facial look changes which cause puckering of skin around the mouth.
  • Some people get a tan or skin burn because of environmental exposure.
  • Smoking and drinking habits.
  • Poor muscle tone, spider veins, broken blood vessels.
  • Acne problems especially at teenage.
  • Using harsh chemicals on the face or body can cause skin problems.

Sun and Your Skin

Exposure to extreme heat or UV rays of sun or exposure to extreme cold conditions or weather damage or break the elastic tissue of skin gets stretched, damage and takes a lot of time to recover. Such damage of skin takes time to recover and it can be taken care of by using some sunscreen or moisturizer in winter. Cover face while going out, or wear a hat, apply sunscreen. When tears come out during the winter season it also damages the skin losing elasticity. Loss of Oil glands in winter dries the skin. Anything of extreme hot or cold exposure UV rays, weather, bath, soaps, etc damages the skin. Later such things cause irritation, itchiness, etc.

Steps To Take Care of Skin

  • Take care of exposure activities of skin to sun rays or cold conditions, cover your face.
  • Apply sunscreen while going out.
  • Apply moisturizer in winter.
  • Maintain the PH balance of the skin with some remedies.
  • Turmeric, earthen mud, cornflour, rose water, etc can be used at home for cleansing and glowing skin.
  • Eat a healthy proper diet which naturally helps the skin to maintain its PH balance and help to glow.
  • Too much of stress releases hormones which makes the face look sad, dull.
  • Continuous stress conditions lead to early aging of skin like wrinkles, sad eyes, loosen the skin, unhappy face. So being happy is keeping skin healthy.
  • Exposure to fresh air daily and some exercise keeps skin fit.
  • If any early mark of any wound coconut oil help in removing or lightening of that mark.
  • Apply paste or drink neem, aloe vera juice.
  • Eating natural products and consuming less oily food, have more cholesterol, fast food, sweets, etc.



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