How to make hair longer and thicker?

Hair is one of the most important possessions of the human being, and having longer and thicker hair boosts up morality. There are many reasons for the hair loss, some of the main reasons are due to the excessive medication, impact of dust and highly chlorinated water, and sometimes also due to the hereditary.

Good hair also represents genetic strength, and people undergo several processes to keep their hair strong. This article renders different solutions to make hair longer as well as thicker.

Important tips to make hair strong:

Forbid the use of chemical shampoos

The use of chemical shampoos often tends to corrupt the hair follicles and gradually the hair starts to fall. Some shampoos have a high Ph level, which is the main reason for the hair fall. Forbid the use of these shampoos and go for the organic ones that are good for your hair as it provides necessary components that make the hair grow and also strengthens the roots.

It is wise to visit a dermatologist before taking any serious steps, as some of the shampoos do not gel with the skin and thus fastens the hair fall rate. There are instances where it is found that people use hair sprays for styling, these contain CFCs that are very harmful and make the hair dry, resulting in its baldness.

Use of hair-strengthening shampoos twice a week

Go for the natural remedies to make hair long and thick, there are also organic shampoos that are hypo-allergenic. These shampoos render the hair food and make the follicle strong and thicken the hair. Use these recommended shampoos twice a week and see the result by the end of the month.

There are several shampoos in the market that consider themselves organic, but always check the review and make an appointment with the doctors before buying one. Apply the shampoo on your hair two times in a week, and always use mild-warm water to wash off. Massaging the hair makes the hair follicle strong, and the blood supply increases. This makes hair strong and thick and also enhances the shine.

Opt for natural remedies

Natural remedies are considered as the best for hair growth, strength and also enhance the thickness. Try using pre-heated coconut oil on the scalp and gently massage the head for 5 minutes. Massaging helps to increase the blood flow into the hair scalp and the coconut oil provides essential food to the hair. After massaging leave it for 5 to 10 minutes for the scalp to soak in the oil, and amazingly it will increase the glow of the hair.

Avoid eating fast foods and oily food and it affects the stomach, and to surprise stomach and digestion plays an important role in making hair strong and thick. If one is having problem indigestion or is in stress and not having proper sleep, it enhances the hair fall and thus results in pre-mature baldness.

These are some of the remedies and solutions that should be kept in mind to have thick and strong hair.



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