How to prevent pimples and acne?

Acne and pimples are a common problem for most of people. Most of us think that pimples occur due to dirt and wrong dietary habits. However, this is not true and they usually occur due to combination of various reasons that include over activeness of our skin’s oil glands, hormonal imbalance and natural tendency of skin’s renewal system.

Managing acne and pimples are quite tricky, but there are certain that can help to prevent them and reduce their severity.

1. Get to know your skin type:

Oily skin is mostly prone to pimples and acne as the overactive sebaceous glands produce sebum in large quantity. People with combination skin also suffer from pimples as their T-Zone areas are oily.

So, knowing about your skin type is the first thing that you need to do as it helps you to choose right skin care products for the skin. The products that are good for oily skin might not be suitable for dry skin and vice-versa.

2. Clean your face daily:

To keep your face clean and away from impurities, it is important that you wash it twice daily, irrespective of the fact that you have acne or not. Washing it daily will help you to get rid of dead skin cells and extra oil from the skin’s surface.

However, washing it more than two times may result in harm instead of benefit. Avoid scrubbing or using any harsh soap on the face as it may cause irritation. It is always better to clean the face with a mild facial cleanser and warm water. Rinse your face well and dry it with a soft clean towel.

3. Keep hair clean:

Acne gets worse when oil from hair gets in contact with skin. Also, acne can pop up due to use of products like hair spray and hair gel on the face as they clog pores. The best way to prevent acne and pimples is to keep hair clean by washing them regularly.

4. Avoid touching the pimple:

We often end up touching our acne and pimples again and again. Touching them or squeezing them may result in infection or permanent marks as the germs from hands can transfer to your skin.

It further increases the inflammation and also clogs pores resulting in trapped germs and bacteria under the skin. So, say a big no to touching or squeezing the pimple.

5. Eat well and stay hydrated:

A balanced diet can help your body to fight with acne and pimples. Choose fresh and healthy foods that improve your metabolism. Also, make sure that you drink at least eight glasses of water every day.

Staying hydrated as dehydration not only makes your skin look dull and dry but it also causes your skin’s oil glands to produce more oil. More oil production means more acne breakouts on the skin.

Moisturizing your skin well is equally important to prevent pimples. Moisturizers also help to make your skin stay hydrated. Always use fragrance-free and noncomedogenic moisturizers for your skin as they reduce dryness and chances of skin peeling.

6. Relax:

It is important that you take out some quality time from your busy routine for yourself. Staying tensed results in increased level of cortisol hormone, which triggers the sweat glands on your face. As a result, more oil gets produced on skin’s surface and pimples breakout.

Invest sometime in doing meditation, yoga or something that makes you happy and relaxed.

When you get a pimple or acne, do not panic or tensed as it will only worsen it. Do not expect that the acne will go away overnight instead be patient with the treatment that you are following.

If still you see no improvement or the situation worsens, immediately seek a medical intervention.



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