Skin Tightening Myths and Facts

What Are the Causes of Skin to Age?

Skincare is quite a tricky area for anybody to handle. Anybody’s skin would need the correct amount of nourishment and care in order to look radiant and healthy. And with the advancement in medical sciences, you could greatly delay the signs of aging likewise.

Some of the common myths are as follows:

1. Nowadays, teens see the advertisement for various products on TVs and think that they can easily achieve fair skin by using those same products and likewise they overdose the same. The person who is using the product in the ad is using it only once. Overdosing the same will cause harmful effects to the skin. Also, people should know what exactly the use of that product is and consider using it likewise.

2. The need for the correct amount of nutrition, food, sleep, and exercise is quite necessary for maintaining healthy skin. The person should avoid stress as far as possible. He or she must also use sunscreen, moisturizer and cleanse too for maintaining the good tone of the skin

3. What you eat is important what sort of skin you are going to be having! If your core is healthy it will be reflected upon your skin too. Try having food which is rich in Vitamin A and various antioxidants, colored fruits and vegetables. Also, exercising regularly keeps the circulation of blood flow intact and also flushes out the toxins in the body.

4. Bad skin day exists. Dry weather can make your skin look frizzy, humid weather can make it look limp and stress can make it look oily. Products and chemical treatments which do not suit you well might also be a well-known factor for your bad skin days.

5. Stress increases the cortisol level and thus it leads to oily skin. Also, psychological problems lead to acne.

Some of the commonly known facts are as follows:

1. Most of the skin problems, if identified, can be treated at an early stage and would also be reversible.

2. If you get a good amount of sleep, eat the right food, stay active and have plenty of water throughout the day, you would not regret it later anyhow. Having lots of water in a day eventually makes your skin glow and keeps it hydrated too. Try decreasing the stress level in order to know your skin type. Applying a simple sunscreen will decrease the dullness in the skin. Try exfoliating your skin once a week. This will help in the removal of the dead cells from the skin and would also help it to absorb lots of moisture nicely.

3. All commercially sold beauty products are not harmful. If they are applied in the right dosage and even a doctor consults them then they are highly beneficial. Try to avoid self-prescribing them to yourself since it might be harmful if not applied in the correct way.

4. Continuous use of good quality makeup is not harmful to the skin. If applied correctly, it is suitable for your skin and also, if removed properly.



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