How the environment ages your skin

Aging is inevitable. The aging process kicks in as we get older, causing skin sag and fine lines and wrinkles but only 10% of skin changes with time. The aging process is accelerated 90% by external influences and as a cause of this, our face losses its natural youthfulness. Genes also play a vital role in causing these changes, called "intrinsic aging". The environment and lifestyle choices can also affect our skin to age prematurely but we can influence such type of aging by taking some preventive actions, and such type of aging is called extrinsic aging. Read on to learn about the different sources of environmental aging and how you can protect your skin from damage.

1 - Intrinsic Aging: Visible signs

  • Fine lines
  • Loss of volume, density, and elasticity
  • Hyper pigmentation

2 - Extrinsic Aging: Visible sings

  • Deep wrinkles
  • Inflammation and redness
  • Hyper pigmentation

3 - Pollution - It is a major threat to youthful and healthy skin. It puts skin in direct contact with particulate matter (PA), a complex mixture of harmful components that cause havoc on our complexions with a no of dark spots and pronounced folds.

4 - Blue light - Adaptation to new technology has resulted in blue light factor to consider in skin aging blue light emits from sun, cell phones, computers, TV and light bulbs. Heavy exposure to blue light causes inflammation, redness and free radicals that cause premature aging of the skin.

5 - UV exposure - The biggest role in aging our complexion is played by the sun. The UVA and UVB rays produced by the sun penetrates deep in the skin layers damaging free radicals, destroy collagen and effects elasticity and tone resulting in thicker looking skin called the "alligator skin ".

6 - Stop smoking - Skin aging speeds up with smoking; it results in dull and sallow complexion and causes wrinkles.

7 - Reduce alcohol consumption - It dehydrates the skin and on the long run it also damages the skin. Heavy intake of alcohol can make you look older.

8 - Twice a day face wash Perspiration irritates the skin, especially when wearing a hat or helmet. So make it a routine to wash your skin after sweating.

How to protect your skin - Developing better lifestyle habits and having minimal exposure to the sun is the best way to protect your skin. It also provides the best defense against the aging effects of the harsh environment. Additional protection can be provided by regular cleansing and using moisturizer. Stop using skin care products that sting or burn, this irritates your skin and it can make you look older unless prescribed by a dermatologist. The most effective way to prevent sun and age spots of aging is to use proper sun protection be it a moisturizer or a cream with an SPF of 15 every day, regardless of whether it's sunny out or not.

Conclusion - Environmental aging isn’t similar to genetic aging. The many impacts of environmental aging can be treated in many ways and one such treatment is provided by Nanda skin care, they provide multiple facilities related to skin and its problems under one roof for best results one can undergo the treatment for six months duration for faster recovery of any problem related to skin.

Thus, take the best care of your skin care routine to protect your skin from drying environmental stressors as well as improve the look of your skin.



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