Teenage Skin Care Routine for Acne & Oily Skin

Apart from rebellion and rapid mood swings, there is another daunting issue that has been a pain for teens since the beginning of time. Rapid changes in hormones are responsible for the excessive secretion of oil from the skin that results in numerous skin problems such as acne, pimples, frequent breakouts, etc.

Has anyone ever seen teenage years without relentlessly complaining about the condition of the skin? Perhaps not. But we can surely reduce acne and other related problems due to excessive oil secretion by following a proper skincare routine. Let us take a look at the ideal skin care routine for acne and oily skin.

Deep Cleansing

The first step toward your daily skin care has to be deep cleansing, which requires a foam or gel face wash for oily skin. Refrain from milky and too much moisturizing products as they will end up breaking out your skin even further.

Consider using cleansing products that consist of tea tree oil as an ingredient as it consists of antibacterial properties that are effective in fighting acne. Cleanse your face twice a day.

Oil Control Measures

One of the most important parts of an effective skin care regimen is controlling the buildup of oil on the skin. You can do this by blotting your face with a tissue paper frequently and cleaning your face with facial wipes. If you actively involved in sports activities, this becomes a necessity.

Appropriate Exfoliation

Exfoliation helps in expelling excessive oils, dirt and dead skin cells and revealing a fresh layer of the skin underneath. Although don't scrub too hard as it will result in the occurrence of pimples.

Over exfoliation can result in redness and irritation in the skin which is further detrimental to people who are prone to acne and breakouts.

Don't Blindly Follow Home Remedies

The internet is flooded with home remedies such as getting rid of pimples overnight. It might have helped some people in the past, but if you are allergic to some of the ingredients, you might end up doing more harm to your skin than good.

So, don't follow any home remedy without performing a proper and an in-depth research.

Remove Your Makeup At Night

Never ever go to bed with your makeup on. No matter how reputed your cosmetic brand is, if you wear makeup overnight, it will clog your pores and make the appearance of blemishes and acne even more frequent.

This step becomes increasingly important when you have oily skin as the risk is almost double with people of this skin type.


Teenage is supposed to be filled with excitement and the passion to explore new things. But somewhere, these minute skin problems have an enormous impact on the self-esteem of a teen.

Whereas the appearance of acne in teen years is not completely unavoidable if you follow the above steps you can prevent plenty of skin issues caused by oily skin.



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