Daily Skin Care Mistakes You Should Avoid

Skin is the most sensitive layer of our body. It is important to take care of the skin according to the sensitivity of its nature. People have different types of skin some have oily, tanned, and dry, with scars or marks, acne, and pimples problem. Skin also requires a healthy diet and proper care and there are many things need to be avoided for getting a glowing, clean and soft look.

Avoid the habit of picking pimples or acne:

Picking pimples is only going to convert it into a wound that will allow bacterial infections and a long time to heal and then leaving a scar on the face. So there is a big NO for this habit. Apply some heat or ice on pimples after some interval of time continuously for a few days to soften it and then it will get exhausted by itself.

Avoid cheap makeup products:

Avoid cheap makeup products as skin should only be treated with healthy original products as it is the most sensitive part of the body to be taken care of. Makeup products should be chosen according to skin type and weather.

Avoid eating fast food:

For healthy skin, healthy food should be eaten like vegetables, fruits, dry fruits. Fast food, oily food or food with cream, ghee, and gravy are also not good for the skin. They make skin oily and also increase fatty acids. Healthy food makes skin glowing, clean and clear, soft and beautiful.

Avoid dehydration of skin:

Drink plenty of water for keeping skin hydrated. Drinking plenty of water helps in cleansing the skin. This helps in getting a glow.

Avoid sleeping with makeup:

Always remove makeup before going to bed. Some makeup remover helps in removing makeup and after that, you must apply some moisturizer or rose water to the skin. Rosewater is a healthy product for the skin.

Avoid heavy makeup products:

Apply makeup products in the right order which does not affect the skin. Use lightweight products than thicker layers of makeup.

Avoid over washing of face:

Over-washing and scrubbing of the skin make it dry. Skin starts looking dead and dull. It damages skin cells. Rather than washing or scrubbing the skin, wear sunscreen, and always apply some moisturizer to the skin after taking a bath or washing the face.

Avoid caffeine:

Consuming too much caffeine takes away the moisturizer of skin which makes skin look dull. Too much caffeine makes look skin dark and dull.

Avoid smoking and alcohol:

Too much smoking and drinking alcohol takes away moisture from the skin and also makes lips and skin look dark. Smoking damages the lungs and alcohol damages the liver and causes cancer and other health problems.

Other factors:

Sleep properly. Take beauty sleep for healthy skin, keep a check on health conditions which may be causing hormonal imbalance, maintain moisture level.

Skincare should be done with healthy food habits and hygienic conditions should be provided to the skin. Having a healthy diet gives natural beauty which does not require wearing makeup.



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